Wyvern state
State in the Confederacy

Population: 1127

Capital: Wyvern City

Counties: 4

Denonym: Herefordian


Wyvern is the peninsula streching from the Western hills, a Herefordshire county, and to the Midlands in the west. To the north is the Sutton Sea, and to the South runs the Wavern river. Both important for cargo transport by sea. Wyvern City is the administrative center, situated quite central in the state. To the west is Wyvern West, a residential area. North is Sutton Port (Wyvern) and Hillport, important for Sutton sea cargo transfer. East is the Slope area, important agricultural area and border area to Herefordshire.

Wyvern State: 1127

Wyvern City: 509

Wawern: 354

The Slope: 137

Hillport: 127

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