Westwoods state
State in the Confederacy

Population: 898

Capital: Westwoods City

Counties: 4

Denonym: Herefordian


Westwoods is made up out of the westernmost parts of Trade City, Westwoods City, West Park, Newdale, the easternmost part of the New Island, and a residential and rural area around Lake No. It's mainly a residential state, but Westwoods City contains an important commercial and business hub as an extension to the more central Norway area in East-Westwoods state. With a total of 898 inhabitants it is reckoned a mid-size state in the Confederacy.

The large shipyard in Westwoods city is an important industry. As well is woodcrafts and agriculture in the northern part.

Westwoods State: 898

Westwoods City: 371

West Park: 344

Lake No: 107

New Island: 76