South Mainland state
State in the Confederacy

Population: 1731

Capital: Cityville

Counties: 4

Denonym: Herefordian


South Mainland is situated on the swamp and forest biome to the south of Midsea, south of Prosperity Island, east of Newland and north of Southland. It has 1731 inhabitants. The state is mainly built up of parts of the Trade City greater urban area and the state's own Cityville-Haven City. City south and Swampy Ridge, the northernmost part, is an extension to Prosperity island and has some of the world's tallest high-rises. The Commerce Street area is located centrally on the peninsula and is the most important business community. The Administrative center is Cityville, also the first settlement in the Confederacy, and is on the island's east. It is as well the most important cargo harbor in the Confederacy. South and west of Cityville is Haven, a large residential area. Finally the Ridge area lies to the very west along the bankside of river Thine.

South Mainland State: 1731

South Trade City: 445

Swamp Ridge: 322

Cityville-Haven: 875

Milltown: 89