Riverton state
Independent state

Population: 2393

Capital: Bassetwood, Norttown

Counties: 6


Riverton is a state on the estuary of the Broad River, locally called the Freeflow in these parts. The name of the state derrives simply from "River Settlement". The State has a strategic position as the gateway between Lenland and Seedland to the west and the West States and New Shropshire to the east, and has lead to the numerous trade communities which the state is so known for. Riverton City makes up approximately 80 % of the state's population, with a total of 1945 inhabitants. To the very east is the Llanell Isle, the first sight an eastern traveler sees. To the north is the Dark Oak port to the north, and to the nortwest the New Horse port on Broad River and the Pitton settlement. Agriculture is only a minor occupation in the state, and the its population is dependent on nearby food production.

Administrative division Edit

The Riverton Town Hall is the state parliament, located in Bassetwood on the north bank of the Freeflow in Riverton. The City is divided into three bureaus: Norttown, Westtown and Easttown, and additionally the state is divided into three counties: Reachwood, Dark Oak and Llanell Isle.

Nortton Edit

Westtown Edit

Easttown Edit

Norttown 734

Westtown 628

Easttown 476

Dark Oak Edit

Dark Oak is the rural and suburban area to the north of Riverton. It's named after the Dark Oak forest to its east, which also the port to the northeast is named for. New Horse is the first settlement travelers down the Broad River meets. Peony is a farm area in the middle of the plainland. Total population of 253.

Reachwood Edit

Reachwood is the suburban and rural area to the east of Riverton City. Elitton is a nicer neighbourhood that is an extension to Riverton. Reachwood, the counties namer is a small port to its south. Sheepsstone is the third major settlement of the county, on the river that separates Llanell Isle from the mainland. Population of 172.

Llanell Isle Edit

Llanell Isle is the island to the very east of Riverton, somewhat separated from the rest of the state and the area in terms of culture and trade. The people do somewhat tend to live out of self-production and local businesses. The administrative centre is Llanellmouth on the Llanell estuary, the first sight travelers from the east notices. Population of 130.

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