Platea City

Population: 550

Administrative centre: Platea

Municipalities: Platea, Merchant, Stoke, Lanechester, Garment, Andes, Digport

Denonym: Platean

Platea City is a City County in the Upper Dripple region of Drippleland, on the mouth of the Dripple river. It is by many reckoned as the financial centre of the Federation, and the historical craddle, being the first city and larger settlement.

The city's internal division is traditionally a little different from the other counties of Drippleland. Their tradition is dividing into smaller unities, more like districts or neighbourhoods in the other cities. The city though has adopted a structure similar til the rest of Drippleland with municipalities, which often changes.

Being the oldest larger settlement of Drippleland, the city has long and strong traditions that vary from the rest of the Federation. This is particularly visible in the political structure, where few major national parties are strongly present. It's also seen in the architecture with smaller and more efficient utilization of space, and in the financial structure.

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Platea has a smaller railroad system than the rest of Drippleland, being in the outskirts of the land and with few connections. There are two major stations, Platea-Garment on the north, and Platea-Lanechester on the south shore of the river. Digport station serves as a suburbian station between Platea-Garment and Dyer's Port. Platea-Garment connects the city to the lines going to Drippleton, Plankford and Perth, while Platea-Lanechester connects with Camden, Nashburg and Carolina.

Boats and seafearing represents a significantly more important mean of transportation in Platea the surrounding areas than in the rest of Drippleland. Being located on the sea, and with the river Dripple, seafearing makes it much easier to get around than travelling by foot or by railroad, which is the most common mean in the rest of the federation.

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