Old Shropshire

Uncivilized area

Founded: Pre 1st Age

Population: 0

Old shropshire

Old Shropshire is an area outside New Shropshire . It is uninhabited today, but has a history as the origin of the Shropsherean people that today makes up the population of New Shropshire.The area is situated on a lowland/hills biome to the very northeast of New Shropshire. The river Boundary flows eastwards, and Old Shropshire lies on a tributary river to the north.Today, the only remain is a ruin of the former Shropsherean capital to the east of the area. Native nomad tribes live in the mountains to the north.

Old Shropsherean CivilizationEdit

In the Pre Ages, the area flourished as the most civilized area in the world. The population estimation tells us at its height, approximately 1100 people lived around along the Old River. The capital, Shropshire City, (now: Old Shropshire Ruins) had a population of 400, and buildings of as much as five floors, unlike anything else in the world at the time. Among others, were the most important secondary settlements Woolplain, (100) Laketown, (80) and Dale. (70) Furthermore, there were farms and smaller settlements all around river Old and at the furthest at the eastern snowland border. These people did not conduct agriculture, thus living out of food gathering and fishing mainly. The society was somewhat centralized in Shropshire City, but compared to today, most of the power lied at the local landlords. Feudal hierarchy applied. The civilization often warred with neighbouring native tribes.

End of the civilization & New ShropshireEdit

The civilization ended when a civil war between the established power in Shropshire City and a landlord of Woolplain and his allies torn society together. As the losing part, the King in Shropshire City and around 300 people flee the capital, and sailed westwards down the river Boundary. Through a water canal they crossed the north snowland and settled in what is today New Shropshire City . The new rule in Shropshire City lasted for some time until warring with neighbouring native tribes eradicated the civilization, and left the once prosporous Shropshire realm in ruins.