Northplain state

Independent State

Population: 888

Capital: Northplain City

Major settlements: Northplain City, Kingstown, Shoreton

Counties: 7

Denonym: Forestians

Northern region

Northplain State, former Northern Region, is an independent state in the central-north of the known world. The state is situated on the Northern Island, to the north of New Forest , which it gained independence from in the 11th Period, after long being just settlements and suburbs to the City. Their struggle for independency is called the Kingstown Revolt. The state is quite dependent on New Forest city for trade and business. Agruculture is the most important industry. No railraods have reached the Northern Region. The Trunk river divides the northern peninsula from New Forest.

Adminsitration & PoliticsEdit

The Northern region is divide into seven counties which are:

Northplain City CountyEdit

Northplain was founded in the 12th Period in the aftermath of the indepence struggle. It lies on the west bank of the Kingsriver in the northwest of the state. The City's main industry is fishing and shipbuilding. Total of 186 inhabitants.

Kingstown County Edit

Kingstown was before the indepence the largest settlement in New Forest outside the City. It was established in the 10th Period by a rich merchant that wanted to settle down outside the city. He invited all his employees to move to his settlement, were they started permanent farming. The settlement goes from the Trunk river in the south and to the kingsriver in the north. On both riversides there are important cargo ports. Total 192 inhabitants.

Kingsland CountyEdit

Kingsland County is made up out of the two remaining islands on the Kingsriver that does not resite to Kingstown County. The largest is Kingsfield island to the west. The Kingsfield settlement to the westmost is an extension to Northplain City on the other site of the river. Fishing and forestry are main occupations. Total population is 135.

Northbridge CountyEdit

Northbridge is one of the most important farming areas in the state. It lies on the eastern wing of the northern peninsula, and borders Drayton county in New Forest to the south and Kingstown county in the west. There are several settlement, whereof the largest is Northbridge. Total of 68 inhabitants.

Shoreton County Edit

Shoreton is a rural county on the northern part of the eastern wing of Northplain. Shoreton is a bussy harbor for ships travelling northwards. Total of 91 inhabitants.

Veum CountyEdit

Veum County makes up the southwestern and western part of the northern peninsula. There are several farming areas, as well as sheep keeping. Veum Manor is a famous site. Total 156 inhabitants.

Tall Forest County Edit

Tall Forest is a forest area to the northmost of the state. Total of 60 inhabitants.