Northland State

Independent State in the 2nd Shropsherean Federation

Population: 450

Capital: Cove City

Counties: 3

Denonym: Shropsherean


Northland is a small state far to the north of New Shropshire City. It is reckoned a part of the core Shropsherean area, and is a member state in the 2nd Shropsherean Federation . Most of the state is centered around Cove City, which was also the first settlement in the area, founded already in the 4th Period. Untin the 11th Period the area that today is Northland was a part of the Western Villages , but a revolt granted them independence. The Federation membership is harsly under critisism in Northland. Northland Port and Cove Port is important harbors for travellers to the north. 

Politics & AdministrationEdit

Northland is divided into three counties: Cove City County, Wrekin County and Northland county.

Cove City CountyEdit

Cove city is the administrative center of Northland. Founded already in the 4th Period as a settlement and county in the Western Villages, the city steadily has grown more independent throughout time. Still, there is a lot commuting towards NSC, but Cove also has its own business community. With a population of 220, the city it is one of the largest in the Federation outside NSC. The North Line railroad escorts commuters and travelers towards NSC. Though, travelling with the railroad, you are bound to travel to NSC to get anywhere else. Therefore, transports overseas towards the Northplain or New Forest states are usual. The Northland Tribune, the local state parliament, is located here.

Wrekin CountyEdit

Wrekin is a suburb to Cove city with 127 inhabitants. The settlement is centered around the Wrekin road, moving inwards the North Forest and towards the North canal. The county serves mainly as a residential area, and an extent to Cove City, but there is also some farming areas. 

Northland CountyEdit

Northland county lays on the plain and hill biome to the north of Cove. After the rebellion where Northland gained independence, they wanted a name that separated it from Western Villages, and so the county and the state shared names. The population of 103 lives mainly in the Northland port to the west of the peninsula. This is an important sea cargo transport node. Else, farming is the most important industry in the county, functioning as Northland's breadbasket.



North Line (Cove - New Shropshire City)Edit

Cove City (- Village - Uphill - Valley Midtown - River - NS Central)