States Edit

State and Union members in the Council for trade. NU = Not updated

2nd Shropsherean Federation (1) NU Edit

New Shropshire City (2) NU Edit

Western Villages (3) NU Edit

South Sea (4) NU Edit

Northland (5) NU Edit

Eastern Desert (6) NU Edit

West States NA Edit

Herefordshire (7) NU Edit

New Forest (8) NU Edit

Pedestriania (9) NU Edit

Northplain (10) NU Edit

The Confederacy of Outer Herefordshire (11) NU Edit

South Mainland (12) NU Edit

Prosperity Island (13) NU Edit

Wyvern (14) NU Edit

Midland (15) NU Edit

Greenlawn (16) NU Edit

East-Westwoods (17) NU Edit

Westwoods (18) NU Edit

West-Westwoods (19) NU Edit

Newland (20) NU Edit

West Isle (21) NU Edit

Southland (22) NU Edit

Farmland (23) NU Edit

Northern Minor States NU Edit

Antig (24) NA Edit

Masonry (25) NA Edit

Landton (26) NA Edit

Birchland (27) NA Edit

Vale (28) NA Edit

Federation of Plains and Rivers (29) NA Edit

Seedington City (30) NA Edit

Lower Seed (31) NA Edit

Upper Seed (32) NA Edit

New Hereford (33) NA Edit

Western Seed (34) NA Edit

Broad River (35) NA Edit

Plainlen (36) NA Edit

Calmes (37) NA Edit

Lenton (38) NA Edit

Riverton (39) NA Edit

Observatory States (40) NA Edit

Nortton NU Edit

Lowland NU Edit

Aeon NU Edit

East Realm NU Edit

Equipta NU Edit

Atten NU Edit

Latest activityEdit

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