Newland State
State in the Confederacy

Population: 1136

Capital: Newland City

Counties: 4

Denonym: Herefordian


Newland covers the western desert area and peninsula of the Confederacy, in addition to the westernmost part of the New Island, framed by the river New to the north. On the entire east border runs the river Thine, and to the northwest is river Cocoa. To the south and west is a jungle wasteland. Newland City is to northeasternmost, on the river New estuary and the shore of Midsea. It functions quite independently from Trade City and Prosperity Island with its own commercial and business branch, while there still are a lot of commuters from the western and southern suburbs. These suburbs are Outland, Newland Port and the Circle. The ThineBank is also a residential area, and the department of Justice is situated here. The southern part of the state is more reckoned suburbs to Newland City and Thine City, with the suburb in South Newland and Newland-on-Thine. The only airport in the Confederacy, Newland Airport, is situated south in the Newland Desert. A few minor agricultural areas is situated in Newland Port and around the Cocoa River.

Newland State: 1136

Newland City: 528

Newland Port: 320

Thinebank: 148

South Newland: 140