Tribal chiefdom/uncivilized kingdom/

Major cities: Equiptan Free City, Athens, Isola Prima, Oldtown

People: Easterner/Old Shropshrean/Westerner/Equipta/Aeonian

Population: ~5000

Natives are people living in an uncivilized society, compared to the ones of New Shropshire . The term "native" is somewhat misleading since they do not live in the area that the Shropshereans inhabit. However, the term originates from when the lands that are now New Shropshire was home to native tribes.

East plains nativesEdit



Uncivilized kingdom

Capital: Athens

People: Easterner

Population: ~800

Athens is a city situated on some islands in the sea that the river Severe runs into east of the Boundary snowland. The population is estimated to be around 800. The city have a somewhat Shropsherean-alike architectural style, though built mainly out of solid stones. The people of Athens are Easterners that flee from the Eastern Desert at the Shropsherean settler's arrival. The state has a history of conflict with the people of the Eastern Desert and the Shropsherean Federation. After a period of peace, trade and cultural exchange, the city is now locked for Shropshereans, and they keep a harsh relation to Shropsherean states. They have close ties with the tribeleaders of the East Realm.

East RealmEdit

East Realm

Tribal federation

Capital: Oldtown

People: Easterner/Old Shropsherean

Population: ~1200

The East Realm is an area to the east of Boundary Snowland, on the plains and shores. The East Realm is a federation of native tribes living in a feudal hierarchic society. Some believe they are descendents from the Old Shropshereans, much alike the people of New Shropshire. The largest  grouping is the people living in Oldtown, a fortified city on the west of the plains, on the hillside. The city is supposed to have a population of approximately 350, one of the largest outside New Shropshire. The total population of the East Realm or their powers are largely unaccounted for, but the population is expected to exceed 1200.

Highland tribesEdit

Highland tribes

Tribal chiefdoms

Capital: Nomadic

People: Easterner

Population: ~250

Highland is the mountain and hills area to the north and east of the Lowland territoy. (East of the river Severe) This people do not live in a quite inordered society, though with a quite egalitarian power structure. There are several tribes, each with its own chief, an inherited role. The total population of the Highlands is estimated to somewhere around 250. The people of the Lowland territory, (claimed by the Shropsherean Federation) is often troubled with plunderings from the Highland tribes.

Old Shropshire mountain tribesEdit

Far east LendersEdit

The Lenders of the far east are a mysterical people, only referred to in stories. No living Shropsherean has ever seen them. They are supposed to live in cities like the Shropshereans, with a just as civilized society as theirs. 

South desert nativesEdit


Condada Equipta

Uncivilized kingdom

Capital: Equiptan Free City

People: Equiptas

Population: ~1100

The Equipta free state (condada indepedencia de Equipta) is an uncivilized feudal state, central governed by the King in Puebla Royal. The city lies on an island in the Condada desert south of Herefordshire state. The state is estimated to have a population of just above 1000. Equipta has a history of hostility against Herefordshire, and especially Herefordian settlers. There was near a skirmish on the Yeast border during the 11th Period, but it was resolved in the Yeast Peace. Later, conflict escalated when settlers settled in the Riverland suburb to Westfield City, in the near east of the Equipta City. However, there have never been any direct conflict. Today, the relationship is more relaxed, and both Herefordshire and the Confederacy frequently trade with the city. Read more Herefordshire .



Uncivilized kingdom

Capital: Pueblo Condada

People: Easterner

Population: ~200

The Condadas is an uncivilized people living in the Condada desert. (South of South Sea ) The area is claimed by the state of Eastern Desert, but the Condadan ruler remain in power. The society is feudal, ruled by the king. The population is estimated to approximately 200 individuals.

West swamp nativesEdit



Uncivilized feudal kingdom

Capital: Aeonian Isle

People: Aeonian/Ontarian

Population: ~2000

Aeonia is a grouping of uncivilized tribes on the island and swampland to the west of Farmland and the Confederacy. They society is arranged in a very feudal hierarchy, with what is best described as elective monarchy vassals as subjects by the national King. The King is situated on the Aeon island, and among the most important subjects are Isola Prima, Isola Este and Granjaregione. Most of the state is one urban area, and the people have its own unique architectural style with dyed clay blocks and bricks. Clay and brick as well as glass production and export to the Confederacy is an important source of income. The name "Isola Prima" means "the first island", which expresses the people's thoughts of being the cradle to the world's population. They also believe they are a superior people to all others. The state has a history of hostility against the settlements of Farmland state and the Confederacy. The Runeland settlement on the far west end of Farmland was plundered several times, and Aeonian soldiers occupied some farms in the area. Finally, diplomates managed to solve the issue, and confrontation were never met. Today, trade are common, but visits to the islands are very restricted.

Ontario tribeEdit

Ontario tribes

Tribal chiefdoms

Capital: Partly nomadic

People: Ontarian

Population: ~300

.The Ontarian people are a semi-nomadic people living in small tribes in the plain and hillands to the west and north of Aeonia, west of Farmland. They are mainly occupied with agriculture. Still, they have a quite ordered trade system stretching from Aeonia through Ontarian settlements and into the Northern Sea. One city is still significant, the Acacia settlement, with approximately 100 people. The tribes are often engaged in warfare with each other and other tribes.

Far west seafaring tribesEdit


Integrated natives (Westerner and Easterners)Edit


Westerner people

Recognized minority

Sites: Western Hills, Sutton, Slope

Population: 350

The Westerners is a recognized ethnic group with no souvereign land. They are though a minority living in Pedestriania, Herefordshire and Wyvern states. Former they also habitated in New Forest and Northern Region, and possibly Westwoods and Farmland territories.