Nashburg City

Population: 370

Administrative centre: Sound City

Municipalities: Sound City, Ville, Brownport, Olden, Flattland, Burning, Newfield, Corner.

Mayor: Industry Union (LAB)

Denonym: Nash

Nashburg City is a city county in the Lower Dripple region of Drippleland. It lies on the southernmost shore of the river Dripple, with Horsson County to the north, Soundland to the west and south, and the Happon Forest to the west. The City is often called the orange city, Sound City or the Third City, or the capital of Soundland.

The city is, like many of the cities, best divided into neighbourhoods or district. Still, the official municipalities are: (after 2nd election) Sound City, Ville, Brownport, Olden, Flattland, Newfield and Corner.

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Nashburg has two main stations: Town Hall Sq St and Nashburg South Station. Town Hall sq station is the main hub for the local underground railroad that Nashburg is known for, the only place where all four lines meat. From here, northwards the lines to Camden and Drippleton goes. From Nashburg South station the two southbound local underground railroad lines stop, and the lines eastwards through Soundland, Rucker and Collen goes, as well as the long distance lines to Griston and Brixley.

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