Farmland state
State in the Confederacy

Population: 449

Capital: Farmtown

Counties: 3

Denonym: Herefordian


Farmland is the westmost state of the Confederacy, and probably the one that stands most out. It is also the most remote state. The only railroad station ends the Westwoods Line in Farmtown, the only city of the state, and the administrative center. To the westmost is the Runeland area, with its huge wheatfields, and bordering the Aeonian republic. North of Runeland is the Creek area, with a small settlement and some farms on the hillside and creekbank. Along the river Cocoa northwards from Farmtown is a few farms and some forestry industry. Agriculture is paramount to the state.

Farmland State: 449

Farmtown County: 191

Cocoa County: 81

Runeland County: 177