Eastern Desert state

Independent state in the 2nd Shropsherean Federation

Population: 488

Capital: East River Village

Counties: 5

Major settlements: East River, Lyde, North River

Denonym: Shropsherean

Eastern desert

Eastern Desert is an independent state. It is a member of the 2nd Shropsherean Federation . It lies to the very east of New Shropshire and make up the borderland to the more uncivilized east. It is one of the smaller in terms of population, only 488, while one of the largest regarding size. The administrative center is East River Village, while other major sites include North River and Lyde.

Politics & AdministrationEdit

The Eastern Desert is divided into five counties: East River, North River, Eastern Desert, Eastplains and South Desert.

East River CountyEdit

East River Village is the administrative center of Eastern Desert state. It was founded in the 5th Period as to consolidate control of the East River. Originally, the village was a settlement of Easterners, of the same tribe as those of Desert Village, but this branch escaped when the settlers arrived. With a population of 121, it is the largest settlement in the Eastern Desert. Fishing and agriculture is the main occupation.

North River CountyEdit

North River covers the fishing and forestry villages on the nortmost part of the East River. Total population of 86.

Eastern Desert CountyEdit

Eastern Desert County consists of the Lyde settlement and the native Desert Village and surrounding areas. Total population of 138.

Eastplains CountyEdit

Eastplains is the plain area to the west of East River that stretches all the way to the Severe River where the Severe Port settlement is situated. Wheath cultivation is the main occupation. Total population of 93.

South Desert CountyEdit

South Desert County covers the southernmost part of the desertland. Although most is wasteland, some settlements have survived focusing on some rich industries. Gold Village has a large occurence of gold minerals, while Shoreton have fishing and mason as their main industries. Population of 50.



East LineEdit

(NS Central - Empire -) Lyde - Desert Village - East River - East plains - Eastport