Dyer's Port

Population: 250

Administrative centre: Dyer's Port

Municipalities: Dyer's Port, Kelston, Avon

Mayor: Dyer's Union (Com)

Denonym: "Dyer"

Dyer's Port is a township in the Upper Dripple region of Drippleland. It is located on the northern bank of the river Dripple, surrounded by Bankly county to the north and Southbridge county on the opposite south side of the river Dripple. The town was one of the first major settlements that used the river actively for transportation, and has gotten its name from the traditionally, and which still is, the most important industry of the town.

The town is internally divided into three municipalities: Dyer's Port with the portship, harbor, the administrative buildings and the railway station, Kelston, the old town, and Avon, the more rural northeast.

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The Dyer's Port station is the most important railway hub in the region. It connects the line going from Platea-Garment to Plankford, with the one going from Perth to Drippleton.

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