Drippleton City County

Population: 600

Administrative centre: Tern



Drippleton City is a City County in the Central Dripple Region. It is the de jure capital of Drippleland and the biggest city.

The city is divided into four municipalities, wich very much function as independent cities. They have different characteristics and each could be divided into several local districts or neighbourhoods. The four municipalities are Tern, Monford, Laborlet and Greenwell. Every municipality elect a chairman.


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Greater Drippleton City Edit

Several surrounding settlements are often considered a part of the greater Drippleton City, where Tern and Monford are reckoned the centre. Of these the most important is Camden Town, which has an independent centre, while area like Severnton and the Severn valley is in many ways more closely affiliated with Drippleton. The two complements each other in working with different area, while Drippleton focus more on politics, Camden is more the cultural and educational centre.

In Horssons county to the south, the settlements of Edisom and Charlesland makes a suburbian extension to Drippleland.

To the east and southeast, in Waterland county, several villages extends the Greenwell settlement. While the closest ones being Sheepstone and Basinton, Granary as well is reckoned a part of the continuous greater city.



Central Dripple lightrail Edit

Trax-incorpment runs a net of lightrail lines in Drippleton City and Camden and some nearby municipalities. They are all centred around the Tern lightrail terminal in central Tern, located next to the TernDrippleton Downtown station for the railway and other important buildings.

Railway Edit

Tern Drippleton Downtown station, Congress station, Greenwell station. Camden: Camden Main station, Shoreland station.