Drippleland Congress

Legislative body of the Drippleland Federation

Location: Monford, Drippleton City

Built: NA

Former: State Pavillion of Drippleland

Seats: 77, 15

Chambres: (2) Parliament, State House 

Mandate area: Drippleland Federation

The Drippleland Congress is the legislative body of the Drippleland Federation, and makes up 2/3 of the government of Drippleland. It is located in Monford, in the south of Drippleton City, on the western shore of the river Dripple.

The Congress has two chambres: The Parliament and The State House. All legislative have to be passed in both chambres, whereof each chambre has different rules on how to pass legislation.

Parliament Edit

The Parliament has 77 representatives, that are elected in the General Election. The representatives are elected by the people from each county, where each county's number of representatives are derived from their population. The Parliament is therefore the most democratic of the government bodies.

To pass a bill in the Parliament, a simple majority, or 39 votes, are required. The representatives are seated after party group affiliations from left to right.

State House Edit

In the State House the counties are represented. Each county, township and city has 1 representative1. In addition, the Parliament elects a leader of the State House, which is not already a part of the chambre. Since there currently are 14 counties in Drippleland, the State House has 15 members.

To pass a bill in the State House, a qualified majority of 3/5 must approve of the bill. Today that makes for 10 members to vote in favor for a bill to pass.

1st Congress of Drippleland Edit