The Confederacy of Outer Herefordshire Department of Finances is the public instution which overlooks financial matters in the Confederacy . The Department consists of five divisions. These are: Work division, Treasure division, Education division, Agriculture division and Economy division.

Economy divisionEdit

The economy division is responsible for monitoring the economy. 

Work divisionEdit

Treasure divisionEdit

Education divisionEdit

Schools new

Schools in the Confederacy. Black tags indicates public school owned and run by the Education division. Red tags indicate larger private school.

The Education division has as its main tasks to monitore education coverage in the Confederacy, and to run the six public schools of the Confederacy.

School coverageEdit

Wavern SchoolEdit

Newland SchoolEdit

Haven SchoolEdit

Southland SchoolEdit

Midland SchoolEdit

Newdale SchoolEdit

Agriculture divisionEdit

The Agriculture division monitores the agriculture situation in the Confederacy. This includes overseeing the food production and supply in the states, as well as issuing licenses. It is also responsible to arrange for the flow of food between borders.

Food supplyEdit