Conflicts are a form of friction or disagreement between people. This article deals with conflicts concerning state governing. These are typically about ruler's legitimacy, nationalist/separatist/independency movements, boundary disputes or other disagrements.


Dots symbolizing the approxiamte position of major conflicts

Conflicts concerning the Confederacy onlyEdit

Isola Prima/Ontario conflictEdit

Slope Westerner conflictEdit

Conflict concerning Pedestriania onlyEdit

Sutton Westerner conflictEdit

Far West settlement raidsEdit

Conflicts concerning Herefordshire onlyEdit

Equipta conflictEdit

Perry Westerner conflictEdit

Conflicts concerning the Shropsherean Federation onlyEdit

Condada conflictEdit

Lowland conflictEdit

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Athens conflictEdit

Interstate conflictsEdit

The Liane river dispute (Pedestrian City trade conflict)Edit

The Liane river and its tributaries are an important transport vein between New Forest and Herefordshire states, that is situated in the central jungle wasteland. Because the area is very scarcely populated with no settlements, there are severe compliance concerning state boundaries. The states New Forest , Pedestriania and Herefordshire all is claiming the entire or parts of the area. 

Westerner conflict (Sutton, Slope, Perry Westerner conflict)Edit

Continuing Wrexham dispute (Forestian nationalist movement)Edit

The country of Wrexham has a history of boundary disputes. After bein settled as a territory of the 1st Shropsherean Federation , the area was ceded to New Forest state as the Federation was dissolved. Later it got back as a part of Western Villages state after the peace negotiations in the aftermath of the Northern Revolt where the Northern Region was independent. Still today there are people inside the county, and especially in the Wrekin settlement closest to New Forest City, that want to once again be a part of New Forest. These are called the Forestion nationalist movement. As of the 13th Election in the 2nd Shropsherean Federation, the Forestian nationalists have representatives in the Western Villages state parliament.

Nortton settlement dispute Edit

Ever since the Northen Revolt which resulted in the liberation of Northern Region State from New Forest state, there has been a dispute over the governance of the settlement of Nortton. Nortton is a small settlement with a few sorrounding farms to the north of Northern Sea. It was settled by farmers moving from Veum county in the period while the Northern Region still was a part of New Forest state. While a refferendum in Nortton shows the settlement is in favor of joining the Northern Region, New Forest denies this and keeps claiming the territory for themselves.