Brixley City

Population: 263

Administrative centre: Brixley

Municipalities: Adel, Brixton, Paisley

Mayor: Industry Union (IndUni)

Brixley City is a city county on the Brex river in Drippleland. It is the southwesternmost county in Drippleland, to the west of Happon Forest, and to the south of Carolina. The city is often called Brick city, or the Fourth city.

The city is internally divided into three municipalities: Adel, Brixton and Paisley.

Municipalities Edit

Adel Edit

Brixton Edit

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Politics Edit

The Brixley political parties differ somewhat from the established ones furter in the north of Drippleland. The biggest one, the Industry Union, is affiliated in the Labor party group (LAB) in Congress, but does lie closer to the left than the labor party. The Industry Union currently holds all 3 chairmen in Brixley, in addition to the mayor.

Transportation Edit

The Brixley station is a big railroad station with 6 lines. 2 going northwards, splitting in Timberplain towards Jersey and Platea. The four other go eastwards towards Nashburg and Griston.

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