Bankly county

Population: 210

Administrative centre: Poundton

Villages: Poundton, Rabitton, Smallton

Parishes: Bankly, Coaley, Portland

Major sites: Poundton, Rabitton

Mayor: District Union (DIU)

Bankly is a county in the Upper Dripple region of Drippleland. It is located on the northern shore of river Dripple, north of Dyer's Port and norteast of Platea City. Most of the lands are rural, with a few minor settlements.

Some settlements, currently 2: Poundton and Rabitton, has village status, and elect their own chairman. Several other settlements are in the process of recieving villageship.

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Politics Edit

The politics of Bankly is heavily influenced with the nearby bigger settlements, especially Dyer's Port, but also Platea City and Perth. In addition, it has the typical rural area political parties. The current governor of the county is of the District Union.

In the 1st Election, three parties ran in Bankly, a quite small number in the Upper Dripple region, which has so rich party traditions. The governor, as well as the chairmen of Poundton and Rabitton, are from the District Union, currently the largest party in the county. The second largest was the Aristocrats, which have their roots in the county. The smallest was the Industry Party, with roots in Perth town, running under the communitarist party group in Congress.

Bankly county currently has 6 representatives in Parliament. The District Union has 3, the Industry Party 2, and the Aristocrats 1 representative.

Transportation Edit

The Perth-Northern railroad resides through the terrain. It starts in Perth Township in the north, and stations in (southwards) Smallton, Rabitton and Poundton before reaching Dyer's Port and continues towards Drippleton.

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