Agriculture is the primary way of cultivating food in the world. The discipline of harvesting crops was taken in use in New Shropshire in the 3rd Period and has since then grown in the entire world.


Colored areas showing important agricultural areas. Blue is fishing, yellow is cultivation of crops, and green is cocoa cultivation.


Farming is today the overwhelmingly main source of production of food. 

Shropsherean FederationEdit

Inside New Shropshire the core Shropsherean area has the longest history of agriculture through farming. IN NSC there are very little, so the city is dependent on surrounding areas. The main breadbaskets are in the Western Villages and East plain in Eastern Desert, thourgh there are also significant production in areas like Northland , South Sea, and around East River City.

New Forest & Northern RegionEdit

There isn't much production in New Forest City , so the city is dependent on being supplied by the surroundings. Counties like Wem, Drayton and Midplain do have several farming areas, whereof the largest are Further Felton and Newport. The Northern Region is heavily dependent on their agrucultural production, and is an important supplier to New Forest City and NSC. Especially the counties of Northbridge and Veum are a significant contributor.


Pedestriania is known throughout the world as the largest crop produces, a title they have earned. With Pedestrian City and Trenton as exceptions, all areas of the state has agriculture as their primary industry. For example areas like Midplain, Broadland, West Sutton, Coventry and New Bayston are quite important suppliers.


Herefordshire has somewhat a significant production, but it is not near extensive enough to cover the state's needs. They are dependent on especially Pedestrian production. Still, there are areas that have a surplus production, such as Yeast and Western Hills.


The Confederacy of Outer Herefordshire has a quite low production of food, and have severed several food crisis'. Still areas like, Slope, Western-Westwoods, and especially Southland and Farmland to have a surplus of production. The Confederacy is very dependent on Pedestrian supplies and trade with nearby native tribes.

East Realm & NativesEdit

The native states are quite dependent on their primary industry, and have been so since before the pre ages. To Shropshereans, the East Realm federation of Native states probably are most known for their agricultural industry. As well, states like Isola Prima and the Ontario tribes supplies the Confederacy with food.


South Sea


Northern Region

New Forest




South Sea


Northern Region



Animal husbandryEdit

Western Villages

Northern Region




Cocoa productionEdit




Politics on agricultureEdit


In the pre ages fishing and scavaging was the main source of food production for the Shropshereans. In the 3rd Period, after the Desert Village and the Easterners were discovered, the Shropshereans adopted the disciplin of harvesting and growing crops, which is today the main occupation.