The Act of control was an act enacted by the four states in the Northshire area in the New North .The Act abolished the republics and divided the states into smaller souvereign counties, ruled by its own count. All country borders and counts were elected and were constitutional carved before the republics were abolished. Manshire was split into 14 counties, Landshire into 9 counties, Birchshire into 19 counties, while Valeshire consisted, to make a total of 44 counties and counts.

Act of control

Former ManshireEdit

Manshire was split into 14 counties. These are: Antig, Dock, Land, Bricktown, Maine, Urban, Cuff, Hill, Midsea, Flatt, Peak, Terre, Lily and Toll. All counts took the name of its county.

Former LandshireEdit

Landshire was split into 9 counties. These are: Sun, Weather, Grainland, Lawnton, Ironhouse, Mainern, Pail, Midforest and Pan. All counts took the name of its county.

Former BirchshireEdit

Birchshire was split into 19 counties. These are: Clayton, Monte, Gravel, Lumberton, Near, First, More, Manor, Pumpkin, Timberton, Sealand, Seatown, Poppy, Dryriver, Newton, Cradle, Birch, Dike and Reach. All counts took the name of its county.


Valeshire maintained its border, it switched name to Vale, which the Count also took.

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