Park stadium

Park Stadium in Westwoods City, home of the Westwood team

9 block is a game played for entertainment and exercise. The game is played on a 9 times 9 block square field, where it has its name. On the middle of one side is a three block high net which the players are intended to throw into in order to score points.

9 Block Cup (NineBC)Edit

The NineBC is the most important 9 block game-arrangement through a period. The teams are organized into leagues based on their previous performents. There are three main leagues. Teams from X states participate in the tournament.

The New Shropshire League (1st League)Edit

Team Home stadium/State Latest ranking
Westwoods Park stadium, Westwoods 1
Valley Midtown River stadium, Valley City, NSC 2
Village Village stadium, Western Villages 3
Northtip Westfield Stadium, Northtip, Herefordshire 4
Empire Eastern Park stadium, Empire City, NSC 5
New Forest City Midplain stadium, Midplain City, New Forest 6
Cityville-Haven Cityville stadium, Southern Mainland 7
Valley Northsea North Sea stadium, Lower Valley, NSC 8
West City Newland Stadium, Newland 9
Tenbury Tenbury stadium, Pedestriania 10
Athens Athens stadium, Athens 11
Wavern Wyvern stadium, Wyvern 12

2nd LeagueEdit

Team Home stadium/state Latest ranking
Slope-Hillport Hillport stadium, Wyvern 13
Coventry-Trenton Trenton stadium, Pedestriania 14
Broadland Broadland Port stadium, Pedestriania 15
Oaks Second Oak stadium, The Masonry 16
Northplain Northplain stadium, Northern Region 17
Northland Northland stadium, Northland 18
Isla Nueva Isla stadium, Athens 19
Southland Southland stadium, Southland 20
Antig-Bricktown Bricktown stadium, Manshire 21
Portton Portton stadium, East Realm 22
Yeast Yeast stadium, Herefordshire 23
West Flange West Flange stadium, Herefordshire 24

3rd League)Edit

Team Home stadium/state Latest ranking
East Approach Eas Approach stadium, Herefordshire 25
East River East River stadium, Eastern Desert 26
Woolton Woolton stadium, East Realm 27
Bayston Bayston stadium, Western Villages 28
Lowdale Lowdale stadium, Lowlands 29
Reach Reach stadium, Birchshire 30
Eastern Desert Lyde stadium, Eastern Desert 31
Farmtown Farmtown stadium, Farmland 32
Wrexham Wrexham stadium, Western Villages 33
Midland Midland stadium, Midland 34
Debter Eastern Park stadium, NSC 35
Midhill Midhill stadium, NSC 36