Shropsherean Federation

Federation of independent states

Population: 7813

Capital: Shrewsbury City,      New Shropshire City

Major settlements: NSC, Oswestry, Cove City

Denonym: Shropsherean

Shropsherean Federation

The 2nd Shropsherean Federation, or just the Federation, is the current political union that applies for the five states in the core Shropsherean area. The member states are New Shropshire City ,(NSC) Western Villages , South Sea , Eastern Desert and Northland . Additionally a few out of border territories are attached. 2/3 of the population lives in New Shropshire City.

Member statesEdit

New Shropshire CityEdit


Western VillagesEdit

South SeaEdit

Eastern DesertEdit



First New Shropshire stateEdit

Shropsherean Federation (1st Shropsherean Federation)Edit

Recession and devolutionEdit

2nd Shropsherean FederationEdit

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