Elections in Drippleland (category)

1st Election

2nd Election

The 1st Election in Drippleland was the first election covering all of Drippleland. A series of local elections preceeded this election internally in a few settlements. The election is actually two election: the General election and the Presidential election.

In the General election, arranged by the Department of Elections and the local county, people vote for a party list running in the county. From these numbers, a governor (counties) or a mayor (cities, towns) are elected. In villages and municipalities the local numbers elect a chairman as well. Finally the numbers are used to elect the counties representatives to Congress.

In the Presidential election, people in each county vote for the President. When all votes are added together, the President needs more than 50 % of the votes to be elected. This means there might be several rounds.

While President Hague of the Liberal Party was elected President, the overall numbers show that the left party group block managed to secure a majority in both the Parliament and the State House chambres of the Congress.